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IAT provides a verity of growing and production solutions 

to fit each client growing demand and need from large scale commercial 

to small scale house hold farming 


  • Our growing solutions can be used by both commercial and small scale growers

  • Growing tunnels can be installed in open fields or adjustment to grower house

  • Growing tunnels are available in different sizes depend on the size of available land

  • All of our clients receive the same level of support and technical assistant 

Complete Indoors Growing Solutions

Why Grow Indoors:

Growing indoors in a  controlled environment conditions (winds, rain, radiation) has some significant advantages over growing in open fields. Some of the most important of Cambodia's local conditions include:

  • The ability to grow and produce year round, including in the rainy season where vegetable production is usually low. 

  • The ability to grow quality, high production but more sensitive varieties due to the reduction of harmful insects and disease. 

  • Increases production volumes and reduced production time thanks to a combination of factors including: 1) easy production planning and predictable supply, 2) use of high production varieties increases yield, 3) multi cycled production for each plant 

  • Reduces usage of pesticides and direct control over water and fertilizer regimes

Our business model:

Our business model is that we do our best to ensure farmers success using our systems, we therefore provide a complete growing system including:

  • Growing tunnels; Metal structure

  • Covers; roof covers, side covers ground covers

  • Irrigation system; head pipe, drip pipes, fertilization pumps

  • Seedlings; professionally germinated provided for the first growing cycle 

  • Technical assistant; provided in our farm and on site by a team of agronomists from Israel and Cambodia

  • Limited warranty; 7Y on structure, 3Y on mesh covers, 2Y on roof covers and irrigation pipes  

Indoor growing allows year round production of vegetables and fruits, even at the pick up wet season

Professional Germination

Seedlings are at the core of successful production, the type and strength of the plant at the beginning of its life is crucial for strong and high yielding mature plant.

Using of seedling reduces planting costs and Increases seedling productivity and survival rates. NGP uses know how, experience and appropriate seeds combined with technology to produce the best seedlings possible at a very competitive price. 

Professional germination insures reduced planting costs, high survival rates, strong mature plants and better yields

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